Santo Domingo Church, Oaxaca

The city is best known for Dia de los martes in november, but more importantly it is also the centre of prehispanic Zapotec culture, with the preservation of indigenous language and customs. The city is definitely more touristy than most and there are many sellers pushing their quality handmade wares.


Oaxaca, Mexico


We did not find cactus fruit to our liking especially as it was boiled with beans into a soup. But the locals seemed to love peeling it in the park as a snack. Eat BBQ meat and tostadas at the 20 de novembrie mercado. If you like something sour and crispy to go with your meal, buy a few fried grasshoppers too!


Grasshoppers, Mexico

Would strongly recommend Hostal Azul Cielo with their excellent receptionists and colourful open spaces. Hot water, good breakfast and fast wifi sealed the deal for us. The 2 combination tours we booked from them were excellent and the english speaking guide who took us on both days was knowledgable and fun.


Monte Alban, Mexico

The highlights were the mezcal factory (artisanal tequila) where we got tipsy on unlimited samples of the different flavours, and Monte Alban, a dramatic ancient city atop a mountain range. Mitla was a pretty was not very impressive incomparison. The tours offered were grouped Mitla/Mezcal factory/weaving factory/Hierve agua and Monte alban/earthenware/artisans village. The recommendation is to go for both tours anyway for the picturesque Hierve agua, as well as the scruptious buffet lunch which was the best way to try all the different moles.



Hierve Agua


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