Santa Clara


Santa clara, Cuba

Our delightful casa hosts Beny and Roberto started our day with a exhaustive breakfast of fruits, eggs, ham and cheese and bread. After which we set about looking for a printing shop to settle the next set of viazul tickets, which was no more than a open door to a bedroom with salsa music playing in the background. The men were the epitome of style and machismo with their bulging muscles through tight fit tees, and their perfectly manicured eyebrows that put my bushy ones to shame.

The cigar making factory did not sell tickets at the door, so we had to trek back to the main square to buy it from a hotel. The workers inside had all been there for 20 years or more, and were very eager to chat, despite some restrictions that I couldn’t step over a certain area.

The retail shop across the road was extortionately expensive compared to the others in Havana, so I would not recommend buying alot there. It is however a great place to meet other travellers.

Since the train that Che overturned by bulldozing the tracks was nearby, we walked over and continued on to the statue of him and a child. We took horse carriage to the other end of the city for the masoleum and the graffiti sites then walked back to the centre all in one day, and was still able to catch the onward viazul in the evening towards Trinidad.

The trip in Santa Clara was packed but most travellers only stay 1 or 2 days due to its small size. The masoleum is closed on Mondays so plan accordingly.


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