Quito – Latacunga – Quilotoa -Chugchilan- Isinlivi – SigchosBanõs – Quito – Galapagos (Arrive Baltra, Depart Isla de San Christobal)

The country of every single landscape you ever need to visit, from the haunting volcanoes lined from north to south, to the alien landscapes of the Galapagos. The people are as raw as its scenery, and they are passionate about their homeland.

Withdraw more money than you think you need, as ATMs charge an extortionate amount for withdrawals. Stay in locally run hostels, compared to the famous, more expensive ones where the employees are as clueless as you are. Take advantage of the cheap bus routes that run from north to south, that enable a seamless itinerary.


Sealion, Galapagos

Would recommend visiting Minca (cloudforest, birdwatching, hiking) from Quito, travelling down to Quilotoa doing the loop if your fitness permits, Banos (white water rafting, bungy, flying fox, biking), Cuenca (beautiful colonial town), Guayaquil and neighbouring seaside towns, then embarking onto the wierd and wonderful Galapagos.


North seymour, Galapagos


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