OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIslamic architecture is the main attraction in this city. Intricate tiles, precise carvings, arches and domes, and geometrical shapes are features in Hammams, Madrasahs and most grandly the Alhambra.

20160620_151117There are many well preserved buildings that have been converted into small museums that cost next to nothing to enter, and never fail to awe. I would suggest saving the visit to the Alhambra until the end of your trip to keep the surprises coming. Remember to buy your tickets in advance, and take note that access to the Nasrid Palaces (where all the iconic stucco filigrees are) is only allowed within the hour indicated on your ticket so plan your visit well.


Court of the Lions and fountain, Alhambra


Banos Arabes

Check out some preserved Arabic baths that have been converted into spas and be sure to book in advance too. They look divine but were all fully booked to our dismay.

At every chance I got, I ordered a Gazpacho: a cold vinegar flavoured Tomato soup that is so refreshing in the 40 degree heat. I still have cravings for that occasionally back home.


Flamenco performer’s house, Sacramento

Sacramento’s caves are where a fusion of Indian, African, Byzantine, Arab, Jewish and Gypsy cultures created Flamenco. Its soulfulness draws from desolation and despair, and the virtuoso guitar progression keeps you mystified until the very end. Watch it in an intimate cuevo where you can get very close to the performers.




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