Plaza de España, Seville

Seville in summertime is mind numbingly scorching, arm yourself with a hat, a fan, a large cold bottle of water and be prepared to take breaks in between sightseeing to cool off. The sights are all within walking distance and they are all spectacular. We stayed in a hotel near the bus station called Hotel NH Sevilla Plaza de Armas which had EXCELLENT BEYOND WORDS breakfast. Juices, Teas (of every type you can imagine) yogurts, 4 types of olive oil!? Basically every modern girl’s idea of a healthy but yet hearty breakfast. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Plaza de España is one of the prettiest places I have been to. The curved layout gives you a sense of being surrounded by richness the details of the surrounding tiled alcoves adds to the regal feel.


Plaza de toros de la Masetranza, Seville

Seville is not far from Ronda, the birthplace of bullfighting. Thus the city has quite a significant culture of the sport, and if you look there are butchers and restaurants that sell carne de lidia (the meat of the ganado bravo). Plaza de toros occasionally hosts bullfights in the summer, but on a normal day it operates as a museum with guided tours throughout some rooms filled with memorabilia. It was interesting to learn that cutting of the bulls ear brought great pride to the Matador, and quite often Matadors themselves die in the ring.

We checked La Caboneria out which was supposed to have free Flamenco. However the atmosphere was that of a live band in a bar in view of the large tourist crowd and the intensity of the dance felt dissipated. We left after our round of drinks.

We were spoilt for choice for Tapas in the center of the city and it seemed like everyone was out enjoying the cooler temperatures in the evening. We liked La Bodega’s tasty food and friendly bartenders. However El Rinconcillo (The oldest bar in Seville) was better enjoyed for the ambience and the drinks, the food was did not impress.


Walking along the river, Seville

Across the river bank in Trianna there are some lesser known sights including the contemporary art museum and a few religious buildings. You can hire a boat to sail down the river.


Milonga, Plaza del museo

Spain is always full of surprises after dark, and I stumbled onto a sweet milonga an hour before my scheduled outgoing busride.


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