Da Lat


French gardens, Dalat

The overnight bus from HCM had almost horizontal seats, however they were not cushioned and taller people might find their legs cramping up in the small space. For me it was almost a luxury compared to a few buses I have taken before. We were shivering in the 5am fog as we walked from the bus station to the main city where we rented a scooter. Imagine how rewarding the steaming bowl of Pho was for breakfast.


Crazy house, Da Lat

Dalat is famous for its cooler temperatures, its fruit farms and its French architecture. Just biking around in search for waterfalls was enjoyable. The “Valley of love” and the “Flower park” are manicured recreations of French inspired flower gardens. There is a “Crazy house” which is more like weird, out of place architecture to bring your kids for if you have too much time on your hands. Otherwise you are better off enjoying the mountain biking, adventure trails that nature can give you.


Pho, Dalat


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